Anatomical Orientation Vocabulary

English Spanish
Anterior Anterior
The front, opposite of Posterior
Anteroposterior Anteroposterior
From front to back, opposite of Posteroanterior.
Caudad Caudad
Toward the feet (or toward the tail of an embryology), opposite of Cranial
Caudal Caudal
Toward the tail or the backside. Below another structure
Cranial Craneal
Toward the head, opposite of Caudad
Deep Profundo
Away from the exterior or into the body, opposite of Superficial
Distal Distal
Away from the start, opposite of Proximal
Dorsal Dorsal
The back, opposite of Ventral.
Horizontal Horizontal
PPassing through the standing body parallel to the floor.
Inferior Inferior
Below, opposite of Superior
Inferolateral Inferolateral
Below and to one side. Both Inferior and Lateral.
Lateral Lateral
Toward the left or right side. Opposite of Medial.
Medial Medio
In the middle or inside. Opposite of Lateral
Posterior Posterior
Back or behind. Opposite of Anterior.
Posteroanterior Posteroanterior
From back to front. Oposite of Anteroposterior.
Pronation Pronación
Movement of the foot and leg with the sole down). Opposite of Supination
Prone Propenso
With the front or ventral surface downward (lying face down), Opposite of Supine
Proximal Proximal
Toward the beginning. Opposite of Distal
Sagittal Sagittal
A vertical plane passing through the standing body from front to back. The Mid-Sagittal splits the body into left and right halves.
Superficial Superficial
On the surface (or shallow). Opposite of Deep
Superior Superior
Above. Opposite of Inferior
Supination Supinación
Rotation of the forearm and hand so that the palm is upward. Opposite of Pronation.
Supine Supino
Lying with the back (or dorsal side) down (face up). Opposite of Prone
Transverse Transverso
A horizontal plane passing through the standing body, parallel to the ground.
Ventral Ventral
Relating to the abdomen. Opposite of Dorsal
Vertical Vertical
Upright. Opposite of Horizontal.